Barockviertel - Theresienstraße


Average daily footfall

95 m2

9.69m x 9.84m



This Giant Poster is located on Theresienstrasse in Dresden's elegant baroque quarter in the Innere Neustadt. The baroque quarter is one of the most exclusive residential areas in Dresden, here you will find beautiful villas, art galleries, elegant fashion boutiques and international restaurants. Accordingly, you meet a self-confident, educated and well-off target group here who places value on quality and lives a modern and enjoyment-oriented lifestyle. Culture and food lovers will also get their money's worth here - for example in the Japanese Palace, which houses several museums, or in the Neustädter Markthalle, which offers stalls with delicatessen and handicrafts. Shopping fans are drawn to Hauptstraße, the central pedestrian mile of the Inner Neustadt, or to Königstraße, the address for the more exclusive shopping experience. The Äußere Neustadt, known for its trendy shops, joins seamlessly.