Bogenhausen - Prinzregentenplatz


Average daily footfall

119 m2

11.60m x 10.30m



This Giant Poster is located on Prinzregentenplatz in Munich's posh district of Bogenhausen, directly opposite the Prinzregententheater. The audience in the popular residential area is wealthy, highly educated and interested in culture. The people of Bogenhausen love status symbols and like to show what they have. They live a pleasure-oriented lifestyle (for example, the exclusive Käfer delicatessen is a few houses away) and have an affinity for high-quality brands. But contrasts such as rustic village centers, great jogging and walking paths in the countryside, as well as art and culture, for example in the famous Prince Regent Theater, are also appreciated here. Bogenhausen is known for its beautiful and magnificent villas and many celebrities who have settled here. The highly frequented, four-lane Prinzregentenstraße is one of the four most important boulevards in Munich and forms the border between the districts of Bogenhausen and Haidhausen.