Maximizing our positive impact

What does it mean?

In collaboration with natureOffice and Justdiggit, a compensation scheme has been created tcompensate CO2 emissions from all campaigns. Besides compensating media campaigns, we, as blowUP media, make a financial contribution on an annual basis to a local greening project, called a Plus Project, in Tanzania. Through these two projects, we are taking an important step in maximizing our positive impact and investing in Justdiggit’s greening projects. In addition, we go further in supporting Justdiggit’s mission of restoring nature, water and food security and reducing carbon emissions. With this, we invite all our customers to participate in Justdiggit’s mission.


How does it work?

From now on, all campaigns, digital and classic, will be compensated without any additional costs for the customer. In addition, official certificates from natureOffice will be generated for every campaign booked, as proof of CO2 compensation for the customer.

The certificate confirms the total emissions that have been offset and contains an online ID which can be checked and tracked. Through the online ID, you can easily gain insight into the compensation scheme. Also, Justdiggit’s assigned project can be tracked via natureOffice.

The compensations of the campaigns and certificates can be used as part of brands’ and customers’ own sustainability projects.


What is the impact?

Through the CO2 compensations, which is fully invested in Justdiggit’s projects, we all contribute to greening the earth, restoring nature and water and ultimately even food supplies in Tanzania. For every square meter of advertising, we collectively regreen square meters of dry land in Tanzania.
Jusdiggit has so far brought back almost 14 million trees and restored more than 380,000 hectares of land – that’s 524,857 football pitches! Take a look at Justdiggit’s website to see how much has already been greened.

We place a high value on positive impact and believe this is how we make an extra contribution, together with our customers.