Premium Out of Home Advertising

Make optimal use of the creative possibilities and impact of Out of Home advertising. Choose ownership with Giant Posters and go for flexibility and dynamic content with our digital network Frontline.

blowUP media is the expert in premium outdoor advertising, with Giant Posters, digital LED screens, popUP experience stores and more.

We Build Big Brands

We are an innovative media company in (Digital) Out of Home and part of Ströer. With premium large format LED advertising screens, Giant Posters and experiential marketing activations in the largest cities in Belgium, we create innovative opportunities for brand campaigns.

The Digital Out of Home network Frontline with full motion digital screens, Giant Posters (scaffolding canvases) varying in size from 100 to 2,500 m² and popUP experience stores for extra experience. blowUP media offers advertisers a premium city centre network within the busiest locations in Antwerp, Brussels, Knokke, Ghent and Leuven.

At blowUP media we always strive for positive impact on the environment and involvement with residents and visitors.


Giant Posters

blowUP media has delivered the largest campaigns for many well-known global brands. The Giant Poster is crucial in any brand building campaign and is at least three times the size of a standard billboard. Our Giant Posters are always located in the heart of major cities, in the busiest locations.


Digital Out of Home

Our digital Out of Home City Centre network enables advertisers to emotionally activate their brand using moving images. These digital landmarks are located in busy locations in the city center and in social hubs in Antwerp, Brussels, Knokke, Ghent and Leuven.

Fast, flexible, contextual – with digital outdoor advertising you send relevant brand messages to the right place at the right time.

People don’t buy products,

they buy experiences.


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