Giant Posters

Large format advertising evokes emotion and
creates positive association with brands

Build a brand that people love

Giant Posters ensure ownership with their spectacular size and unique emotional effect. They are the absolute eye-catcher in the largest cities in Belgium and distinguish themselves from all other media. 

Giant Posters are the perfect canvas for brand messaging and the ultimate medium for long-term brand building and emotional brand engagement.


Gain a unique place in the minds and hearts of consumers

Return on Emotion

Out of Home campaigns have a measurable effect on both brand image and purchase intent. Larger sizes have a significantly stronger effect. The sheer size, ownership of a physical location, and long visibility lines allow for longer viewing times for audiences.

Giant Posters are extremely visible and create an emotional connection with consumers. Large format stands for pure emotion, premium brand perception and brand dominance. Giant Posters ensure high active brand awareness and have a positive effect on brand value and consideration.


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