Commercialise Your Property

Turning development sites into active urban spaces

blowUP media offers property owners the opportunity to generate revenue by placing impactful advertisements on buildings.

By advertising banners (blowUPs) and LED screens (Super Motions) on a large and impressive scale, on a temporary or permanent basis.

We add value
to your property



BlowUPs (advertising banners) are placed directly on a facade or on a construction scaffold. If scaffolding is required for maintenance work on the facade(s) of a building, the mesh cloth – which is normally used and often looks messy – can be replaced by an advertising-carrying and durable scaffolding cloth. The material ECHO® that is used by blowUP media is PVC-free and is made of 100% PET bottles.

With blowUPs, periodic renovations are stimulated, property owners are helped to finance necessary maintenance and unsightly scaffolding is hidden from view.


Super Motions


Super Motions (digital advertising displays) are placed on or behind the facade. The placement process always starts with a (non-binding) advice about the options for display realization and exploitation of your location. With a positive initial outcome about the possibilities of displays, including permits and lighting advice, blowUP media invests in the technology. Always with a strong focus on reliability, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the most sustainable choice possible.

Because we invest in the technology, you can rest assured that we will go the extra mile to achieve optimal returns and strive for long-term partnerships.



blowUP media Style

blowUP media Style is a simple and cost-effective way for landlords, developers and tenants to improve their existing properties and develop new ones in a way that enhances the environment and also provides additional security.

blowUP media Style exteriors can include exact replicas of the wrapped building’s facade as well as promotional messages and announcements. Using the same technology and highly-skilled experts it uses for its large premium format Giant Posters.


Commercialise your property

If your property is located in a busy location, it may be suitable for (temporary) advertising. blowUP media helps private property owners, real estate developers, shopping center specialists, construction companies and restorers to generate additional income.

We are happy to investigate whether your location is suitable for use as an advertising medium. We would like to present our interesting and attractive temporary or permanent possibilities. Our Development team will contact you.