We are an innovative media company in (Digital) Out of Home and part of Ströer. With Giant Posters, premium large format LED advertising screens and experiential marketing activations in the largest cities in Belgium, we create innovative opportunities for brand campaigns.

Delivering high impact

OOH campaigns


Giant Posters (scaffolding canvases) varying in size from 100 to 2,500 m², the DOOH city centre network Frontline of full motion digital screens, and popUP experience stores for extra experience.

blowUP media offers advertisers a network within the busiest locations in Antwerp, Brussels, Knokke, Ghent and Leuven.

We always strive for a positive impact on the environment and involvement with residents and visitors.



Size matters!

Large ad sizes help create emotions and positive brand associations and have a major impact on consumers.
Do you want to set up a striking and, above all, impactful advertising campaign? Let us inspire you which advertising solutions can help your brand impress the right audience.

We work with property owners, developers, real estate partners, municipalities, non-profit organizations, advertisers, media agencies and advertising agencies. And together with them create a positive impact on the environment.

The most impactful form of

OOH advertising


blowUP media, part of Ströer, is an international (D)OOH operator with more than 29 years of experience and with 9 European offices. Stroer SE & Co. KGaA is a listed company and a leader in the field of Out of Home media and online advertising.

At blowUP media, we have been bringing brands to life on large format advertising media for almost 30 years. With around 300 locations in the largest European metropolises of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.

We build big brands



Commercialise your property

If your property is located in a busy location, it may be suitable as a (temporary) advertising medium for large format advertising. blowUP media helps private property owners, real estate developers, shopping center specialists, construction companies and restorers to generate additional income. We are happy to investigate whether your location is suitable for use as an advertising medium.
With the ‚Style‘ department, we offer a simple and efficient way to communicate about the project during construction projects or renovations, to improve the living environment and at the same time increase safety. We would like to present our interesting and attractive temporary or permanent possibilities.

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Eneco premieres in the Netherlands by adding the new air-purifying coating "The Pure" from blowUP media Netherlands to their OOH campaigns in Rotterdam and Eindhoven. The transparent layer of active titanium dioxide applied to the PVC-free Giant Posters, breaks down harmful substances such as exhaust nitrogen oxides and improves the air in the cities. "The Pure" eliminates pollutants through photocatalytic properties and gives our medium further unique properties. Please contact us for more info. Special thanks to @eneco, @publicisgroupe_nl, @mindsharenl, @kineticworldwide, @diergaardeblijdorp. #OOH #giantposters #sustainability #wedoenhetnu
Hey Brad Pitt 👋🤩 Don't miss this star-studded cast in the #BulletTrainMovie The campaign looked amazing across our sites in Manchester, Glasgow, Coventry and London. @mgomd @talonooh @bullettrainmovie
New landmark location in our Giant Poster portfolio: directly opposite the Dresden Frauenkirche, brands benefit from the radiance of Dresden's most magnificent monument! Here on the lively Neumarkt, fashion and shopping fans, food and culture lovers enjoy seeing and being seen in the street cafés and restaurants. With a good drink and a perfect view on the brand! #branding #dresdnerfrauenkirche #dresden #frauenkirche #riesenposter #giantposter
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