ECHO® now consists of
100% recycled PET bottles

PVC-free advertising fabric ECHO® now consists of 100% recycled PET bottles


As of mid-April, our scaffolding cloth material ECHO® consists entirely of recycled PET bottles. Already since 2016, blowUP media Benelux has been processing around 80% PET bottles in the material. Especially on World Recycling Day, it is important to think about all the plastic that is produced and thrown away. After all, research performed by the Plastic Soup Foundation also shows that by far the most plastic, 44%, is used for packaging materials such as PET bottles. This is precisely where the most environmental gains can be made.  We have now recycled no less than 70 tons of PET bottles and saved 93 tons of PVC. And we are proud of that!

Advertising campaigns on our Giant Posters in the Netherlands and Belgium will henceforth be printed on completely recycled material from PET bottles. All Giant Posters are collected after campaigns and the waste during the production process is also collected. Only water-based ink with the ÖKOTEX environmental label is used. Each advertising banner can be upcycled into other products, such as bags and hammocks, after the campaign ends. The ultimate sustainable giveaway for strong brand activation.