blowUP media's latest Giant Poster ‘Meir Palace’ in Antwerp has royal allure

May 28th, 2024

A stunning Out of Home campaign by Stella Artois marks the launch of blowUP media’s long-running new Giant Poster location ‘Meir Palace’ in Antwerp. Advertiser AB InBev continues to build on the brand’s rich history with Stella Artois. The choice of this historic location in Antwerp fits perfectly with this impactful brand building campaign. Stella Artois is the first brand present on this Giant Poster of no less than 450 m2.
As the former residence of Napoleon Bonaparte, King Willem I and the Belgian royal family, the Palace on the Meir is one of Antwerp’s most fascinating buildings. In addition, the Meir is Antwerp’s busiest shopping street, full of life, restaurants and shops. The prestigious and busy pedestrian and shopping boulevard is visited by more than a million shoppers every month and is rightly the busiest shopping street in the Benelux. The use of scaffold advertising contributes to the financing of the restoration of Meir Palace by heritage foundation Herita.


Extra WOW effect through brand activations and special builds
This venue lends itself perfectly to brand activations. By extending an Out of Home campaign with a real-life brand experience in one of the halls or the Palace’s inner garden, maximum attention and involvement of consumers is achieved. The application of, for example, cut-outs, 3D objects and lighting elements to the Giant Poster provide extra stopping-power. HUB – the innovative division of blowUP media advises brands and agencies on how (D)OOH campaigns can be brought to life.

Meir Palace
Meir Palace is a former 18th-century city palace in Antwerp. It was once owned by important rulers such as Napoleon Bonaparte, William I of the Netherlands and the Belgian royal family. As one of the oldest buildings, Meir Palace is a well-known building among residents, history buffs and tourists.

Positive impact with Giant Posters
blowUP media Benelux prints all Giant Posters on ECHO®, the sustainable scaffold fabric is made entirely from recycled PET bottles and is 100% PVC free. Since 2016, blowUP media has processed 70 tonnes of PET bottles and saved 93 tonnes of PVC. All Giant Posters are collected after campaigns and waste during the production process is also collected. Only water-based ink with the ÖKOTEX eco-label is used during the printing of the campaigns. In addition, each advertising banner can be upcycled into other products, such as bags and hammocks, after the campaign is over. The ultimate sustainable giveaway for strong brand activation.