blowUP media expands partnership with Justdiggit

blowUP media expands partnership with Justdiggit

Amsterdam, September 7th, 2023

blowUP media Benelux, part of Ströer, is extending its long-term partnership with Justdiggit. With immediate effect, all campaigns, both on Premium Plus digital screens and classic (scaffold advertising), will be offset through Justdiggit’s greening projects in Africa. In addition, funds are raised to support Justdiggit in its operations in Africa. Sustainability has been one of blowUP media Benelux’s strategic pillars for years. These new initiatives give further substance to this.

Nature-based solutions deliver 37% of CO₂ reductions, therefore solutions such as greening on a large scale contribute to combating global warming. This is why blowUP media Benelux is extending its partnership with Justdiggit, committing to restore land in Africa on a large scale, ensuring greater water and food security, improving biodiversity and restoring ecosystems. Once again, blowUP media thus takes an important step in minimizing the environmental impact of its operations.

“blowUP media has been a partner of Justdiggit since 2014, where we help them pro bono in spreading their green message to an audience of millions. Our awareness campaigns can be seen at all our locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, and since April 2021 also on digital screens in Germany and the UK. Premium Plus also stands for taking responsibility by creating more sustainable choices and options for everyone in the chain. With Justdiggit as a Plus project, we are really trying to make our customers and partners part of something bigger when deploying our media assets,” said Ernst Vos, CCO of blowUP media Group.

To make emissions from media deployment transparent to customers, blowUP media will use natureOffice certificates that quantify and provide insight into CO₂ emissions. The certificate confirms the total emissions that will be offset by blowUP media. These savings can be used as part of a company’s own sustainability projects and will be provided entirely free of charge. In addition to offsetting its media campaigns, blowUP media will make a financial contribution to a local greening project, called a Plus Project, by Justdiggit in Tanzania on an annual basis.

Since 2016, blowUP media’s classic campaigns have been printed on the 100% recyclable material ECHO® and have so far processed 70 tons of PET bottles and saved 93 tons of PVC. For the digital screens, blowUP media uses sustainable suppliers in which both production and use are on a circular basis. BlowUP media also actively contributes to inner-city greening by creating vertical gardens. In this way, every square metre of advertising provides square metres of greening.

Justdiggit turns dry land in Africa green again
Justdiggit is on a mission to cool the earth by restoring parched landscapes in Africa. Together with farmers, communities and local partners, they are making dry land green again. This has a positive and measurable impact on biodiversity, water and food security, nature and ultimately even the climate!

Justdiggit combines communication, mobile technology and media to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of greening, both in Africa and Europe. They work with local communities and partners through various greening techniques. Examples of these techniques include rainwater harvesting by digging up so-called ‘earth smiles’, and bringing back trees (Treecovery). By applying these techniques, more than 380,000 hectares of dry land have already been restored, 315,000 earth smiles have been dug and more than 14 million trees have already been brought back.

“blowUP media has been a very important partner of Justdiggit in spreading the message in several European countries since day one. It is great to see them expanding the partnership and taking another step in their sustainability strategy. We are looking forward to taking measurable steps not only in the field of communication but now also in the field of greening,” said Merel Rikveld, Manager Communications Europe at Justdiggit.

natureOffice is a renowned company specialising in sustainability solutions. They offer a wide range of services and projects that allow companies to reduce their CO₂ footprint and offset their impact on the environment. They offer certified CO₂ offset projects, where companies can invest in projects that reduce CO₂ emissions or otherwise offset CO₂. Initiated by blowUP media, Justdiggit has been officially recognised by natureOffice as an offset and Plus project. A Plus project involves raising money for the benefit of Justdiggit. natureOffice ensures transparency and reliability by conducting independent certifications and audits to ensure that CO₂ offset projects meet international standards. This ensures the integrity and effectiveness of compensation efforts.