First ever 3D street campaign

blowUP media first in Belgium with 3D content experience on the streets


blowUP media Belgium has a first in immersive content on the streets of Belgium. For the very first time, a unique and 3D Digital Out of Home experience has been launched on our screens Frontline screens The Green Knokke and The Green Meir. Hendrick’s Gin is the first naked-eye 3D animated campaign on our screens.

blowUP media starts working more often with immersive, anamorphic and 3D content. The creative hub blowUP LAB advises and inspires brands and media agencies on how (D)OOH campaigns can maximize consumer attention and engagement. Brands and agencies are invited to build creative and innovative Digital Out of Home campaigns together.

With the Premium Plus Frontline screens we are able to create innovative possibilities for magical campaigns, which will draw attention of audiences in new ways. Besides the Green Knokke and Green Meir, the portfolio includes multiple other Frontline and Giant Poster locations, where all kind of creative campaigns can be realized.

Martijn Stefels, Managing Director at blowUP media Belgium: “For several years now, with our digital Frontline network we have created opportunities for brands to reach the public and engage with our audiences in new ways. It is wonderful to see how, because of the 3D effects, those campaigns now literally jump out of their frame to the passer-by. I am proud that we can turn such a powerful medium into a real experience in this way”.