Allerheiligenstraße - Köln Hbf


Average daily footfall

152 m2

12.70m x 12.00m



An eye-catcher in the heart of Cologne! This BlowUP is located in the heart of Cologne at the back of the city’s highly-frequented central station. The train station is one of the busiest in Germany, with 300,000 passengers passing through it every day. The BlowUP is visible from outbound trains and for those coming from the direction of Breslauer Platz towards Ebertplatz. The Giant Poster is located on the route to the city centre and the Agnesviertel district, which has become a popular hotspot for Cologne’s young hipsters. With its lively surroundings and a range of restaurants, trendy bars, little cafés and magnificent old buildings, it appeals to students, young families and Cologne’s creative scene.