Großbeerenstraße 174-184


Average daily footfall

120 m2

10.00m x 12.00m



Traffic guaranteed – this Giant Poster is located on the highly frequented Großbeerenstraße (B101), a key arterial road that leads the city-bound viewer to Mariendorfer Damm (B96) and right on into the heart of Berlin. Top visibility – the BlowUP’s frontal positioning makes it highly visible for a long distance. Well situated – the location is in the Mariendorf neighbourhood of the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district. Mariendorf is known for its trotting track and the landscaped park Britzer Garten, which draws countless visitors every year. The immediate vicinity is home to a range of shops, DIY superstores, and major car dealerships such as Mercedes-Benz and the smart center Berlin.