Hauptbahnhof - Eingangshalle


Average daily footfall

55 m2

7.90m x 7.00m


Frankfurt am Main

All eyes on you! The Giant Poster is located in the entrance hall of Frankfurt Main Station and catches the eyes of the 460,000 visitors heading towards the platforms every day. Commuters and city travellers on their way to their trains and local transport ensure that there is a bustling activity all day long. Young professionals and students, as well as a shopping-savvy target group attracted to the city centre, are also bustling here. Outside the station are stores and restaurants that offer numerous shopping and snacking opportunities.

Hauptbahnhof – Eingangshalle


Average daily footfall

91 m2

23.93m x 3.80m



This Giant Poster is located in the entrance hall of Nuremberg Central Station at the main exit to the old town. With more than 210,000 travelers per day, Nuremberg train station is one of the busiest long-distance train stations operated by Deutsche Bahn. Traffic every second: around 800 long-distance and regional trains stop here every day, and the station is also a central hub for public transport. The surrounding train station stores and restaurants offer numerous shopping and snack options. Brands reach a lucrative target group here: business travelers and commuters, young, mobile and active. Shopping fans are also drawn to the popular old town, where you can go on an extensive shopping tour. Generously laid out pedestrian zones such as the Kaiserstrasse or Karolinenstrasse and the Breite Gasse with glass arcades and exclusive boutiques, together with the tranquil craftsmen's courtyard, invite you to go shopping.