Mainzer Landstraße - Galluswarte


Average daily footfall

119 m2

11.95m x 9.97m


Frankfurt am Main

Our Giant Poster on Mainzer Landstrasse in Frankfurt's Gallus district offers brands numerous benefits: great visibility and extremely high traffic volumes, since Mainzer Landstrasse is an important link between the city center and the trendy western parts of the city. In addition, the target group here is extremely lucrative, because in "Mainhattan", one of the most important international financial metropolises, brands meet today's opinion leaders and decision-makers. Fashion fans love Skyline Plaza, a 170-store shopper's paradise within walking distance of the location. Scene lovers can also be found here, because the Gallusviertel offers an exciting mix of down-to-earth Frankfurt flair and chic new shops and restaurants. In the immediate vicinity: the publishing house of the renowned FAZ, the Galluswarte, an important local transport hub in the city with a very high number of commuters, and the Europaviertel, which is home to numerous offices and is also considered an upscale residential area.