Media Wall Innenstadt - HBF


Average daily footfall

153 m2

76.30m x 2.00m



Perfect branding platform in the heart of Dortmund city centre! Our impressive Media Wall accompanies pedestrians as they make their way from Dortmund Main Station to the nearby city centre. There’s no way around it – not only is the 152 m² Media Wall visible frontally from the Main Station, it is also a real eye-catcher for drivers on the highly frequented Königswall. The city-centre ring road surrounds Dortmund’s main shopping area, which is home to the Thier Galerie and its approximately 30,000 daily visitors as well as the Westenhellweg shopping street. The latter is one of Germany’s most popular shopping streets, attracting some 9,000 pedestrians per hour, and is also a meeting point for a young and high-spending target group. The German Football Museum is another must-see, offering one of the most popular attractions in the Ruhr Valley area with over 200,000 visitors annually. It’s no wonder that Dortmund city centre has established itself as a hotspot for a fashion-conscious, culturally oriented crowd.