Place Rogier


Average daily footfall

122 m2

21.00m x 5.80m



This unique location on Place Rogier is situated in an award winning building, BotaSolar, with amazing potential for brands and advertisers. On the first floor of BotaSolar, 120 sqm of stickers lit up from the inside out, reach a broad audience of passers-by, traffic, tourists and locals. The stickers can be designed as a whole or with different elements per sticker. This location is close to Boulevard du Jardin Botanique, opposite of City2, the second largest shopping mall of Belgium, and across of the main metro station to reach Rue Neuve. Place Rogier is an extremely high traffic location, surrounded by many hotels, shops and offices. Besides stickers, this location is also available as popUP location. With blowUP HUB we realise popUPs and activations, tailormade for brands and/or campaigns.