Saarstraße 11 - A103


Average daily footfall

95 m2

9.90m x 9.60m



This BlowUP offers optimum visibility from a long distance. Located on Saarstraße in Berlin’s Friedenau neighbourhood, it faces city-bound traffic heading in the direction of the nearby City West district, with its shopping hotspots Kurfürstendamm, KaDeWe and many others. Friedenau is part of the trendy Tempelhof-Schöneberg borough. Known as an artist’s paradise and an idyllic place to live, it is one of the most popular upmarket residential areas in the city. The educated middle class has always settled here, making Friedenau a very special place to be. More and more young and well-to-do families are coming to appreciate this idyllic, creative district. The streets are lined with owner-managed shops, galleries and artists’ studios. There are numerous shopping streets in the immediate vicinity of the BlowUP, including Hauptstraße and Rheinstraße. Along with the many shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars, these streets are a magnet for shopping fans.