Schützenbahn 56 - Innenstadtring


Average daily footfall

340 m2

34.00m x 10.00m



This spectacular, corner-wrapping Giant Poster wows passers-by with optimal visibility as they make their way from Essen’s main train station to the Limbecker Platz shopping centre and is located in the immediate vicinity of the shopping hotspot of Essen's city center. Here you will find a fashion and shopping enthusiast target group strolling through the nearby "Rathaus Galerie" or enjoying an optimal view of the giant poster on their way to Limbecker Platz. This vibrant area is rounded off by the Kettwiger Strasse shopping mile, Kennedyplatz and numerous cafés and restaurants. Cultural highlights such as the GOP Varieté theatre and the proximity to the University of Essen attract a young, educated and high-consumption target group.