Traffic Tower A1 Bremen Fahrtrichtung Hamburg


Average daily footfall

224 m2

14.00m x 16.00m



This traffic tower is guaranteed to be an unmissable advertising space, located on the Hansalinie A1, right on the Bremen interchange in the Bremen/Oldenburg metropolitan region where the A1 and A27 meet. The Bremen interchange is one of the most frequented road junctions in northern Germany and is surrounded by very large commercial and industrial areas. International companies from the food and luxury foods, alcohol and tobacco sector are located here along with renowned carmakers and other firms. The tower is also very close to a large shopping centre and service companies which are also known outside the Bremen region and which have an extremely large catchment area. The city centre, Bremen Airport, the trade fair and event venue ÖVB Arena, and Bremen’s Weser-Stadion are within a few minutes’ drive from the surrounding interchange exits. The A1 has been expanded to accommodate six lanes at this point. During holiday periods, it is the most frequented autobahn for holidaymakers from western and south-western Germany heading towards the North and Baltic Seas.