Traffic Tower A2 Magdeburg - Zentrum - Fahrtrichtung Hannover


Average daily footfall

224 m2

14.00m x 16.00m



40 metres tall: targeted advertising stimulus in Magdeburg and its surroundings. The Traffic Tower stands next to the A2 heading towards Hanover and presents messages that are visible across long distances at one of Europe’s busiest locations. This includes long viewing times: the Traffic Tower is visible from more than 1,000 metres away. The A2 forms Germany’s east-west axis and is one of the busiest motorways with both national and international traffic. The Tower makes a strong impression in the Saxony-Anhalt region and the federal state capital of Magdeburg. Berlin is just 45 minutes away. High-income and working: regional commuters pass the location on a regular basis to visit the large shopping centres or industrial areas.