Traffic Tower A23 Tornesch - Fahrtrichtung Hamburg


Average daily footfall

224 m2

14.00m x 16.00m



Huge and 45 m high branding opportunity on the A23 towards Hamburg. The Traffic Tower is located in Tornesch, an important business location and sought-after place to live in the middle of the Hamburg metropolitan region. The metropolitan region is the economic center in the north. Good infrastructure, innovative companies, well-known research institutions and a broad network of universities are some of the plus points. With our Traffic Tower, brands open up the entire west of Schleswig-Holstein with an extremely high number of commuters. In the holiday months, there are also many holidaymakers on the A23, who are drawn to the North Sea coast. This is where relaxation begins: The A23 leads to popular holiday resorts such as St. Peter-Ording or to the North Frisian islands of Sylt, Amrum, Föhr, which are particularly attractive weekend destinations for the people of Hamburg.