Traffic Tower A3 Seligenstadt Fahrtrichtung Aschaffenburg


Average daily footfall

160 m2

17.88m x 8.93m


Frankfurt am Main

The Traffic Tower is located in front of the gates of "Mainhattan" on the A3, one of the busiest motorways in Germany. The highly frequented, 6-lane A 3 leads in a few minutes from Germany's largest airport and from the "Global City" Frankfurt, which is one of the most important international economic and financial metropolises, in the direction of Bavaria.The target group that frequents our Traffic Tower is correspondingly top-class: the opinion leaders and decision-makers of today! With a height of 30 meters and visibility from a distance of 1.5 km, the tower attracts the attention of hundreds of thousands of commuters and business people who flock daily from downtown Frankfurt towards Aschaffenburg and Bavaria. The Traffic Tower radiates into a huge catchment area – around 5.5 million people live in the entire Rhine-Main metropolitan region.