Traffic Tower A3 Seligenstadt Fahrtrichtung Aschaffenburg


Average daily footfall

160 m2

17.88m x 8.93m


Frankfurt am Main

Perfect location: the Traffic Tower is situated just outside “Mainhattan” on the A3, one of Germany’s most heavily trafficked motorways. Among other places, the busy six-lane A3 leads from Germany’s largest airport and the global city of Frankfurt, one of the world’s most important financial centres and economic hubs, towards Bavaria. The Traffic Tower makes its mark over a huge catchment area – the entire Rhine-Main metropolitan region is home to approximately 5.5 million people. Lucrative target group: as a traffic magnet for the hundreds of thousands of commuters and businesspeople that flow from Frankfurt’s city centre towards Aschaffenburg and Bavaria each day, the tower reaches a business-focused target group with considerable buying power. Top visibility: the 30 m tall advertising tower means images are recognisable from a distance of approximately 500 meters when traveling towards Aschaffenburg.