Traffic Tower A5 Mücke - Fahrtrichtung Frankfurt


Average daily footfall

224 m2

14.00m x 16.00m


Frankfurt am Main

40 meter high touchpoint between Frankfurt and Kassel. The A5 autobahn connects the north and east of Germany with Hesse and the south-west. If you want to go to the financial and economic metropolis of Frankfurt and the Main region, you pass by the Mücke location. Brands have huge contact opportunities here with a high-income and highly educated target group: 57% men and 43% women are on the Autobahn. They are between 18 and 54 years old, employed and have a high net household income. Also highly educated, social media affine and well networked. The Traffic Tower offers excellent visibility and maximum advertising impact. The area is completely free, advertising motifs are unrivaled and can be seen from a distance of approx. 1,000 meters on the 6-lane motorway.