Traffic Tower A7 Malsfeld - Fahrtrichtung Würzburg


Average daily footfall

224 m2

14.00m x 16.00m



40 metres tall: greeting holidaymakers on their journey. The location is right in the centre of Germany in Northern Hesse on the A7, one of the main north-south routes in Germany. On this stretch there is an extremely high volume of traffic heading north (towards the coast) and south (towards the Alps, Mediterranean) during the holiday season. The target groups at a glance: a strong presence of winter sports enthusiasts on the A7 heading towards the skiing regions. The location is also an important east-west connection: it connects 17.9 million people in North Rhine-Westphalia with 8 million in Saxony and Thuringia. The advertising space is visible from a distance of around 1,000 metres. The A7 has six lanes at this location.