New GreenTech screen on
The Meir in Antwerp

blowUP media Benelux launch GreenTech screen on The Meir in Antwerp: urban greening with a vertical garden

November 29, 2022

blowUP media Benelux – Premium Plus Out of Home Advertising media owner – have launched a new 36m2 premium digital landmark in Antwerp. This large format LED screen “The Green | Meir” is surrounded by a vertical garden with 600 plants, and is situated on the main shopping street of Antwerp, The Meir. The living wall aids the municipality of Antwerp in making the urban city centre more attractive and creates a positive effect on the wellbeing of city dwellers and visitors. Non-profit organization Justdiggit shows their mission to cool down the planet on the screen on a daily basis. blowUP media Benelux have been media partner of Justdiggit since 2014 in the fight against climate change.

In addition to ECHO® – the 100% upcyclable Giant Poster material, the vertical garden fits into the sustainable ambition of blowUP media Benelux, to maximize positive impact. Green spaces prove to maximize visual impact and greenery on walls contribute to a cooling down the planet. The fifteen different types of plants that are used encourage biodiversity by attracting local birds and insects to this urban area. The aims of urban greening are numerous, but effective; they make cities eco-friendlier and are pleasing to the eye.

With this new GreenTech screen, blowUP media Benelux have created an environment that guarantees emotion and higher brand awareness to brands, connecting them to their target group with great impact. Clients can activate their brand by using impressive and attention-grabbing full motion content to reach their target group in the busiest hotspot of the Benelux with over a million shoppers every month.

“We have an important role to play in the cities we are active in. blowUP media is an impact-first company with a clear focus on innovation, technology, and value-creation. Next to profit, we try to contribute to a more sustainable economy, using our business as a force for good. By regreening cities, we try to maximize the positive impact in our industry. We support Justdiggit in their believe that 37% of the potential to mitigate climate change can be nature-based solutions”, says Ernst Vos, Chief Commercial Officer of blowUP media Group.

Wessel van Eeden, Global Marketing Director Justdiggit: “Since 2014, blowUP media Benelux have been supporting Justdiggit by showing one of the solutions against climate change: nature. So, in the field of greening, blowUP media are really pioneers. And now they are also greening themselves in Belgium, first the GreenTech screen in Knokke and now in Antwerp. We are extremely proud of this partnership.”


Justdiggit | The Green Meir | Antwerp

Marcel van Luit | The Green Meir | Antwerp


An impactful content mix
Besides Justdiggit, Gilette, Volkswagen and BMW are the first brands visible on the new screen. An impactful art exhibition of Marcel van Luit, globally renowned for his visualized dreamy scenarios, is also showcased, which is part of the blowUP art initiative. With blowUP art, the media owner makes exclusive art accessible to the people on the streets.

With Frontline blowUP media Benelux offer advertisers a digital Out of Home network in the shopping hearts in Belgium. Premium Plus advertising screens at landmark locations in Antwerp, Brussels, Knokke, Ghent and Leuven, creating a unique position in the Belgian digital Out of Home landscape.